About Us:
Indiancitys.com is a City based National Portal for Listing, Advertising & Branding of Each and Every Business of any city across India. The aim of this portal is to facilitating information sharing between advertisers and users through digital marketing and social media marketing.
Our purpose is to help a billion plus Indian Business Persons and their Enterprises to reach to their targeted customers in their respective Business areas and make them know about their enterprises in a Very Dynamic, Stylish, Smartest, Dedicated & quickest way possible And in the other side we are also helping the billons of Indian Consumers to satisfy their all local needs in their respective cities by informing them about What? Why? Where? of the Enterprises of any City through the Digital Or Social Media which is the Largest and most Crowded Media now..
IndianCitys is a Digital Advertising, Promotion & Branding Agency, we are connecting Businesses and Peoples, it’s ultimate destination for businesses to reach out to their customers Digitally in most affordable rate in the world, It aims at facilitating information sharing between advertisers and users. IndianCitys helps Market, Advertise & Promote Businesses with Social Media, Google, Internet Listing, WWW & other Digital Marketing Solutions
And in other side our purpose is to help a billion plus Indians to find whatever they want in their respective cities.
It is the "most perfect solution" for advertisers and consumers to engage digitally with very minimum expenditure. Catering to diverse fields ranging from Education, Travels & Tourism, Entertainment, Fashion & Lifestyle, Food & Beverages, Sports, Healthcare, Retail & Wholesale, Services, and Professional Services.
It is India’s One and only Digital Advertising Agency which is work for all types of business enterprises, It is present digitally in all cities of India .
We offers a digital marketing tools to service providers to generate more & more business leads from million of buyers.
We are offering best in class service in lowest ever cost in the advertising world, our service starts with just Rs. 2000/- only for 1 year for digital listing promotion and many more services. You will never get any advertising service in this cost.
We also ensure that all the information provided is genuine and reliable. However, we do not want any individual or organization to post fraudulent information or mislead consumers into buying illegal products/services.