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JIS University, The Best Private University in Kolkata
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"Education for EmanCipation"

JIS University, The Best Private University in Kolkata

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JIS Group a conglomerate today had a very humble beginning to fulfill a dream. The purpose of education is to prepare people to be successful, productive and engaged members of society and doing so, shape sustainable societies, enhance economies, and improve lives. To prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, todays students need new skills, taught in new ways. Todays education systems are undergoing major curriculum and infrastructural transformation – from a traditional classroom mindset to an application based one - at a dynamic rate. The very best educational institutions, globally, are not only providing quality education and skills required for professional success but are also stressing on moulding a better personage with an intuitive mind, logical thinking and humane personality. JIS Group Educational Initiatives, the largest educational conglomerate in the Eastern zone, had a very humble beginning towards fulfilling this dream and today with more than 25 institutes and also the commencement of JIS University, our commitment towards society that we shall strive to focus on a policy of consistent quality enrichment of our services so as to promote growth and economic prosperity of the nation have taken a huge stride of success. We welcome you to JIS University, Kolkata. Established under the JIS University Act 2014 ( West Bengal Act XXII of 2014), Of West Bengal, the University is characterised by the strength of quality excellence and innovation in the domains of world-class research facilities and state-of-the-art educational infrastructures. Our belief is that imparting the best training is only possible under the dual opportunities of professional competency and autonomous responsibility within an environment favourable for encouraging new ideas. Charting a successful career path through career guidance and mentoring is the prime focus of JIS University curricula. We intend to build up our facilities to help in continuing in our momentum in undergraduate post graduate education and Doctoral research programs. Our mission is to create the next generation of highly employable global standard professionals to shape the future through a vibrant learning environment – fostering innovation and creativity, informed by practice, inspired by research, focusing on the globally relevant areas in which we, as an institution, excel. It is a universal truth that research and development are the fundamentals strengths of any University.JIS University welcomes scholars to empower their minds by associating with the proud heritage of outstanding research at our university campus in diverse fields, undertaken by our group previously. Ours is a not-for-profit charitable corporation, with an autonomous governance system. The key challenge that lies before us is to strike a balance between pursuit of knowledge and vocational relevance, to impact lives positively through economic and social growth. Vision: To foster the growth of higher education, research, entrepreneurship development and skill development. Mission: To blend traditional methods with modern technology enabled practices in academic deliverables and meaningful research and development To nurture professionals who would have their commitment to become able Leaders and Managers in their respective professions and in turn transform the society. To be one of the most preferred destination for aspirants in the fields of higher education, research and entrepreneurship.
  Most preferred destination for aspirants in the fields of higher education / research and entrepreneurship   We want To foster the growth of higher education/ research/ entrepreneurship development and skill development   We use traditional methods with modern technology enabled practices in academic deliverables   Meaningful Research and Development Activities   The JIS University Act 2014 came into effect through the Government of West Bengal Notification on 3rd February/2015   The University Grants Commission New Delhi confirmed the inclusion of JIS University in the list of Universities on July 6 / 2016   Recognised and approved by Bar Council of India   JIS University is now a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)   Young-spirited   industry experienced and qualified faculty members   Building a strong foundation for the students that will aid them to overcome life-hurdles in future   At JIS all faculty members motivate and encourage the students to find out the hidden treasure of knowledge   Our mission is to create the next generation of highly employable global standard professionals We are developing state-of-the-art laboratory and library facilities to equip our students to face the challenges of the 21st century   Students taking admission in JIS University will find a very congenial environment for their studies and overall development.
Courses Offered
Department of Pharmacy
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Biotechnology
Department of Geology
Department of Buisness Management
Department of Juridical Science.
A JIS Group Initiatives Best Private University in Eastern India
UGC Recognized Industry experienced faculty
Most preferred destination Worldclass Infrastructure
Hightech Education Service State-of-the-art Laboratory
Well equiped library Global standard professionals
Vibrant learning environment Fostering innovation and creativity
Inspired by Research Focusing on the globally relevant areas
Not-for-profit charitable corporation Recognised by Bar Council of India
JIS University is member of the UNAI.
Service Area
Eastern India.
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